Wednesday, June 21, 2006


today is june 21. (happy 8 month birthday, mark and paul.)
that means a number of things.
1-9 days left to do your visiting teaching
2-the day my parents got engaged (they got married on the 22nd. more on that later.)
3-that concert that i shouldn't go to
4-the last day of 3701 (check it. i learned the numbers)
5-the summer solstice

now, knowing me, you would think i would be all over this.
i would think that to.

i know today is the "official" first day of the best season ever--summer, but i can't help but find it a bit anticlimactic, since for me (and all other reasonable people in the world) summer began way back when i drove with my windows down for the first time and was out at night without a jacket.

i know that all kinds of pagan rituals and stuff are totally appropriate today. and susan is totally going to a solstice party and making me feel like a boring person. but in all honesty, i don't think there's anything to celebrate.
the longest day. the most sunshine of the year. yes, this is heaven on earth, but then starting tomorrow each day gets shorter.

i feel like i should be in mourning.

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