Sunday, September 03, 2006

and all of those who sing on key, they stole the notion from you and me...

what? i can't take a vacation? jenifizzle can just be the patient. if it weren't for me she wouldn't even be jenifizzle.


so look what happened the other day.
i was on the line looking up my stuff for the schooling and this just popped up:

it was awesome.
now, this is not the first time my student registration and records page has magically become an employee information page but it IS the first time it said this:

being a librarian is my only life-long dream--i.e. my whole life i have known that being a librarian was my density--and i know i'm not technically a librarian, but i totally work in the library. on friday i even got to push one of those carts all around and shelve things. (kind of. i only got to shelve the things i had taken off. and they weren't that interesting. science periodicals. no, serials is not a very romantic library job, but it's a start.) i even got to stand on one of those library stools that they always say are for employees only (which i am)

so yeah.
if this internet sticks around, i guess i'm back. sorry for the two month sabbatical. i was busy.

now all i have to do is come up with an