Monday, November 27, 2006

my family rocks the casbah: part 1

in no particular order, my family rocks the casbah. today's installment features my brother-in-law jordan on trombone.

Let's talk about Jordie as a trombonist.
He is currently a Bachelor of Music, though married to my sister Lizzard-breath. In Spring of 2007 he will become a Master of Music in Trombone performance, which degree will be conferred upon him by the Longy School of Music in the self-same Boston of Massachusetts.

Jordo plays with the Rhode Island Philharmonic and the Brockton Symmphony and has played with the Utah Symphony, OTS, Longitude, Synthesis, SLCJO, SLAJO, the salsa band Son del Callao and more! He has lots of fancy teachers with funny names and even, I hear, bought himself a smallish trombone.

He has played in Russia, Finland, England, Boston, SLC, Provo, Long Beach and all over the Northeastern US including places like Interlochen, Avery Fisher Hall, The Wolf Trap, Chautauqua and Tanglewood.

He records stuff and composes stuff and is generally awesome musically. A great music-guru both for jazz and if you dig Mahler.

In his official bio he is referred to as Mr. Jacobson which cracks me the up.

Now let's talk about Mr. Jacobson as a regular guy. He grew up in Provo, as a child he was in the same church ward as my other rockin' brother-in-law, Chris.
He wasn't born there, though, he was born in Mt. Plesant, Michigan. He has many of the siblings, of which he is the youngest. He has nieces and nephews, all of which are adorable (and one of which looks like Jord in miniature.) They call him "Jord" and "a tease" we call him "Little Jordie" because he's overly tall and dwarfs my sister (6'4" to 5'4") and because that's what Chris' mom called him from way back when.
As a child, Jordan was a sweet young thing, once found in the back of an elementary school classroom chanting "BO-RING, BO-RING," much to the chagrin of his teacher.

Jordan is crazy cool. He talks to me while i wile away the hours on the cold and unfeeling internet. We compare notes about working in the library and some such. He makes the rockin' awesomest korean food (and teaches me too!) and he has the entire city map of boston memorized so he can tell you how to get anywhere at anytime with any kind of a point of orientation. this is quite a skill. and useful too!

anyway. that's jordo.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

you are invited.

guess what! on Vimeo
i love parties.
and my sister. thanks for guesting on the invite, jen.

you know...for kids!

my kitty-nieces came to visit. this is their first trip to utah.
agnes and i tried to camera dance today, but she wasn't into it. she'd much rather explore.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

man, i wish i was indian

but not for the marriages. obviously.
is that really what you thought?

for the dancing.
and the clothes.
and the being lovely.
and those ROCKIN accents.
and the food!
oh the food!

Friday, November 17, 2006

strangers on a train

two girls talking on the train:
"are you married?"
"no, not yet."
"do your parents have someone in mind?"
"they are looking."
"so do you have to do the whole arranged marriage thing?"
"we do."
"my parents wouldn't mind if i chose. but i don't want to choose."
"yeah. i think if you pick, i don't know, you'll pick the wrong one, probably. you can't trust guys."

i wish i was indian.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

...can't wait until you can't wait 'til you unsubscribe. i'll be a lonely scribe

so i'm not the best about posting interesting stuff regularly
but i'm not trying to get rid of you. i'm not.

i was going to say i don't know why i try. but i know perfectly well why i try.
as to why i talk to you as if you were really there, i don't know.

i've ruined myself. too much homework leads to sleepless and wasted nights, putting off the much craved sleep until the weekend. then the weekend comes and i can't sleep.

i have big plans. always. but, while i never consider myself to be ambitious, my eyes, as it were, are always bigger than my proverbial stomach of free time.

i did try to get rid of the busy-ness of the blog. but there is a part of me that misses the polka dots.

and the blobbyfarm badge. i'll get that back.

it's funny. i'm running in circles. but ever contracting circles so i end up spiraling and eventually you will find me spinning on a dime in my kitchen. hmm. remember country dancing and my favorite step? yeah. like that. but probably just by myself. did you know my mom once called me little black sambo? it was kind of strange.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Don't you wish you were going to this?

me too.
if only i had the moneys.
if you're anywhere near boston in the upcoming week, go. and liz is playing on wednesday.
i'm so bummed! (that i can't go, not that they're playing. obviously.)

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